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Our St. Croix USVI Community

See How The Buccaneer Supports The Local Community

The Buccaneer hotel has been an ardent supporter of the St. Croix USVI community and an enthusiastic steward of the environment for over 75 years. Three generations of the Armstrong family have dedicated significant resources and assistance to local schools, foundations, preservation groups, health initiatives, tourism development, and community events.

Nature And Wildlife

In an effort to protect our coral reefs, the U.S. Virgin Islands has benned sunscreen that conttains oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocryene. While spending time on our beautiful beaches and swimming in the Caribbean Sea, we urge our guests to be mindful of this new law. 

Each year, The Buccaneer is proud to sponsor the National Park Service’s three-month turtle watch program by housing the interns responsible for tagging and recording data on the endangered leatherback and green turtles. St. Croix is one of the two most prolific turtle nesting areas in the world.

The Buccaneer was proud to be the host site for The Nature Conservancy and SECORE International coral restoration expedition in the fall of 2017. The expedition was the first of its kind in the Virgin Islands and used a groundbreaking reproduction technique to grow baby coral. Learn more about The Nature Conservancy efforts in its Caribbean Impact Report. 

The Buccaneer also supports The East End Marine Park, Wild Bird Sanctuary, World Ocean School, Children's Museum of St. Croix, St. Croix Environmental Association and Friends of the Park – St. John National Park, St. Georges Botanical Gardens, St. Croix Animal Welfare Center and The Kindness Club: Bringing Children & Animals Together.

Closeup on a baby sea turtle on the beach at The Buccaneer

Emergency Services

The Buccaneer is committed to services in the community that care for those in need. We support The Women’s Coalition, CASA, Shriners, Bethlehem House, Queen Louise Home for Children, St Croix Animal Shelter, American Red Cross, 10,000 Helpers, VI Care, St Croix Rescue, American Cancer Society, Rotary, My Brother's Table, My Brother's Workshop and Big Brothers.

Quadrille Dancers posing at a clock tower near The Buccaneer


The Buccaneer also supports students and our schools in the Virgin Islands as well as providing scholarships for students to attend college in the US. 

Students attending hospitality/culinary programs at Johnson and Wales University have been major recipients over the years.

The University of the Virgin Islands, Good Hope Country Day School, Seventh Day Adventist School, St Mary’s School, Church of God Holiness, St Josephs’ Academy, All Saints Cathedral School, VI Beacon Schools are among the schools we that we support.

Closeup on two snorkelers holding a starfish near The Buccaneer

Arts, Sports, Preservation, Tourism Development

St Croix’s active community is supported by The Buccaneer.
This includes: 

  • St Croix Coral Reef Swims
  • The Beauty & The Beast Triathlon
  • St Croix Foundation
  • Island Music Journey, Caribbean Dance
  • St Croix Marathon
  • Taste of St Croix
  • America’s Paradise Half Marathon
  • St Croix Junior Sailing
  • St Croix Dolphins Swim Team
  • St Croix Scenic 50 Mile Run
  • VI Pace Runners
  • Project St Croix
  • AYSO (Soccer)
  • VI Triathlon Federation
  • Junior Golf Championship
  • St Croix Educational Complex Band
  • Department of Tourism
  • VI Olympic Committee
  • Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands
  • St. Croix Animal Shelter Golf Tournament
High angle shot of runners running by the sea at The Buccaneer

Hotel Environmental Practices

  • The Buccaneer uses bio-degradable cups, to-go boxes and other disposable items.
  • Linen-saving procedures are in place to limit excessive laundering.
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and golf-course products are used wherever possible.
  • In-room grooming products are “Bee Kind” brand, a division of Gilchrist & Soames. They are natural products, including honey, and packaged in refillable dispensers to limit the amount of plastic entering the landfill.
  • Bees nesting in guest areas are professionally managed and re-located to ensure their survival.
  • Locally grown produce and freshly caught fish are purchased whenever possible. The Buccaneer’s restaurants are certified under the “Reef Responsible” program, encouraging local responsible fishing.
  • The Buccaneer produces its own power and water; conservation of both is a priority. Whether it’s our crystal-clear Caribbean Sea or production of potable water for amenities and dining, The Buccaneer takes pride in high quality water. We want our guests to know that behind the scenes our in-house engineers meticulously experimented, designed, and brought to fruition a state-of-the-art Nano-filtration system to ensure every guest receives clean, pure water. Our Nano-filtration plant self-monitors and adjusts the flow and injection rates by the minute, producing a quality of water hard to find even in most bottled brands. This precision of monitoring and treatment allows us to be non-invasive bringing out the best our natural resources have to offer. The process results in a product that is cool, refreshing, slightly alkaline water. The Buccaneer’s water is free of harsh chemicals and available to our guests from every sink, shower, bar wand and water cooler.
  • Energy-efficient lighting is used in all feasible areas.
  • The Buccaneer provides 340 acres of wild-life habitat.
  • Beach lighting is designed to discourage baby turtles from heading inland.
Exterior view of the entrance of Sugar Mill at The Buccaneer