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The Buccaneer is a completely modern hotel with a fascinating historical background. It was in 1653 that Charles Martel, a Knight of Malta, constructed the first building on Estate Shoys where The Buccaneer is located. 

This French Greathouse was placed out of sight of the sea to protect from roving foes. Later, after the Danes bought the island in 1733, Governor von Prock built his home on the estate, turning the French Greathouse into a sugar factory and erecting the sugar mill which is as it was in the days when sugar was king.

Michael Shoy, from whom the area known as Estate Shoys received its name, bought the estate from von Prock and began growing cotton. Later the Heyliger Company raised cattle here.

Finally in 1947, the Armstrong family, who had owned and operated the cattle estate since 1922, opened The Buccaneer for business with eleven guest rooms. It was the first hotel in St. Croix to be built and operated by an island family.

Guests, known as "continentals," made a two-day trip from the mainland to stay at The Buccaneer and often mixed their own drinks, helped rake the beach, paint furniture, and plan meals. In the early days, before modern tourism attractions, guests gathered nightly for cocktails. Today, The Buccaneer offers live music and fine dining for nightlife diversions, but maintains the repertoire of cocktails popular among early guests, including Cruzan Confusion, Raising Cane, Caribbean Sunset and Jump-Up-and-Kiss-Me. 

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"Fighting Ships" mural by famous artist, Stanley Stubenberg, is showcased in The Buccaneer's Lounge. Learn more about Stubenberg's time on St. Croix online

The Buccaneer