The Buccaneer
Mermaid Beach

The three beaches at The Buccaneer are are some of the best in St. Croix.

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Mermaid Beach was featured on "Colors of Paradise TV", with Africah Harrigan.
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Mermaid Beach (pictured above)

Palm-shaded and protected, Mermaid Beach is The Buccaneer's main beach, and features The Mermaid Restaurant and water-sports center.

Grotto Beach

The Grotto pool and grill are located on Grotto Beach. Three holes of the golf course line the shoreline of this beautiful beach, along with another water-sport center.

Grotto Beach and Pool
Grotto Pool, Grill and Beach

Whistle Beach

Whistle Beach is an over-the-hill beach favored for its privacy.

Whistle Beach at The Buccaneer
Whistle Beach and Par Course Station

Buck Island

A "must see" for all visitors to St. Croix, Buck Island National Park is "one of the top beaches in the world", according to National Geographic.

There is a beautiful view of Buck Island from our Beach House at Whistle Point.

Buck Island, US Virgin Islands, St Croix
Beach at Buck Island

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